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Vivienne Loh


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Mind over Matter tells us how powerful our minds can be in taking control of our daily lives. Focusing on bringing awareness to mental health and mental well-being to the seafarers is of utmost importance to us. As a Para-Counsellor in Transworld Wellness, I would want to connect with people from different walks of life to hear their stories and to guide them to the best of my ability. As a good listener, I will listen and guide the seafarers as they soldier through their time on board. If the seafarers are struggling in any way, I will be there to listen and walk a mile in their shoes so that I can guide them in sorting out their thoughts to get them through the tough times.


Upon graduating as a degree holder in Psychology from University at Buffalo, New York, I went on to pursue Masters in Psychotherapy and Counselling from University of Roehampton, UK. Through my times from pursuing my degree till now, I have been volunteering and meeting many people from different stages in life – young adults to seniors which gives me the motivation to keep going as I want to touch the lives of people in need.

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