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Miffy Fung


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Miffy believes in everyone’s inner strength for change. She values the deepest understanding and sincere respect for her clients’ freedom of choice. She keeps up in the professional knowledge, stays close to nature and maintains a well-balanced lifestyle herself so that she can professionally work with clients in their life episodes. She developed her profession from a “lifespan” perspective which ranges from toddlers to elderly clients. Miffy began her professional path by being a school counsellor, organising the school's mental health awareness programmes and handling the students’ developmental stage challenges. She worked with Special Education Needs kids to young adults, understanding the difficulties the families could face in terms of daily life challenges. She provided support and psychoeducation to the parents. Miffy was a co-author with a registered Educational Psychologist for a psychology-based learning method. Her passion for relationship dynamics and life empowerment drives her to look into many complex and severe cases. She worked with people who suffered from physical health problems, loss, and bereavement.  


Double Major Bachelor Degree in Counselling and Psychology from Hong Kong Shue Yan University. 
Further study in Painting Analysis ( 屋樹人繪畫心理分析), Organisational Psychology, Personality Diagnostic Tools, Jungian Fairy-Tale Analysis.  
She specialises in Relationship and Family Dynamic, Life Span Developmental Psychology, Grief and Bereavement Counselling. Miffy has counselling experience from working with schools, Special Education Need learning centres, social service centres support sex workers and NGOs supporting victims of family violence.

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