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I believe everyone deserves to lead a rich and meaningful life despite all the challenges we face in life. I advocate for the wellbeing of every individual through raising awareness and psychoeducation of mental health issues. The careers of seafarers are unique and challenging and the sacrifices they made, being away from home and their loved ones for extended periods are admirable. I acknowledge the strengths they possess,  and emphasize on a humanistic and collaborative approach in supporting each and every seafarer in their journey.


Brenda graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) from National University of Singapore. Following years in the corporate sector and public service, she decided to make a career switch into the social service sector, in search of a rewarding career and fulfilling her passion to advocate for mental health. With a Master of Arts in Counselling and Guidance, Brenda has experience engaging a wide-ranging profile of clients from youths to adults and supporting them on issues relating to esteem, motivation, career, life stressors and mental health. She believes in establishing a good therapeutic alliance with clients to provide a safe space for clients to share their issues. 

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