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Cargo Ship at Sea

Transworld Wellness

Providing seafarers with the care they deserve

One of the most important yet demanding jobs are that of a seafarer. A ship crew's contribution to the global economy, trade, and commerce is often overlooked and their diligence and sacrifice unrecognized. 

We understand that a seafarer's job is not only physically demanding but also mentally and emotionally straining. Being away from family, friends, and all the familiarity of home for months at a time impacts on an individual's wellness and health. 

The sacrifices of these invisible heroes at sea contributes to the betterment and comforts of our every day living. 

Therefore, we at Transworld Wellness strongly believe that seafarers deserve increased support and care for all that they do in the background to make our lives better. We provide seafarers with effective and evidence-based physical and mental health solutions to enhance wellness. 

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An Evidence Based Approach

Each viewpoint and perspective is another helpful puzzle piece to truly comprehend the big picture. Therefore, every seafarer's story is important to us. 

Our approach is driven by evidence based methodology including surveys and interviews. Thus, all our solutions are formed on asking seafarers how we can best meet their needs!

Image by Hans-Peter Gauster
Image by Pawel Czerwinski

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